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Israel, Wingnut, Slick... talk about the art of noseriding and how to do it way "mo bettah!"

Coming next:  Interviews with Noah Shimabukuro, Stephen Slater, Brendan White, Dino Miranda, Little Joe Aaron, Joel Tudor and more.

Bonga on the tip: starting out, getting good

Check out this sage noseriding advice from a modern Hawaiian master. Go to: "Bonga's New Noseride" where a small handful of north shore surfers are taking noseriding to an entirely new level.


Toes on the Nose with Mickey Muñoz

The way to legendary noseriding, from one of Surfing's all-time greats! Catch his stoke...

Tom Wegener: 'One Manís Odyssey to the Nose'

Get the full "toe-wrap" rap from The Mambo King. This in-depth noseriding "how-to" comes from one of the best there is.


The Velzy V-Fin

Noseride and turn like never before. Check Skip Frye's recent performance report. No jive.



The KOANDA Noserider

Where Hang 10 goes high tech! Insane noserides! See what Israel Paskowitz and Wingnut have to say about it.


Want Noseriding Magic?

Here's what Steve Walden recommends.


Donít miss the legend, the fun, the Ugly

The Con Ugly... A limited edition run of 500 of is now under production.

Morey calls Swizzle the best noseriding board he's ever made

Check it out inside!

The Greek introduces the Turbo Tunnel Fin

Greek producing first run of turbo tunnel fins.


Put your noseriding product here for free

Free. Gratis. No dinero ... because this is about the love of noseriding, not the dollar.

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The Stain on the Soul of Surfing

An essay by Glenn Hening founder of the Surfrider Foundation. Print it and Post it at your break.