Donít miss the legend, the fun, the Ugly


wpe1.jpg (2805 bytes) designed for extreme nose-riding. Extraordinary time on the nose has been clocked by many competitors winning contests.  It is the first functional nose-rider and has been copied by many others! This Bob Purvey Model, manufactured by Con Surfboards since 1966, is readily available today.

Bob Purvey and Con Surfboards have come together again to build the ultimate nose-rider. The Ugly will be built one more time in a limited edition of 500 boards, identical to the original that dominated the world in 1967.  This special limited edition will be the last time the Ugly will ever appear again - and the only chance to own a legend.

The Ugly is widely recognized as the ultimate nose-rider and for good reasons:  The concave is deep, long and wide creating a significant air pocket that lifts the nose upward while the wide, kicked-up tail holds the tail down, assisting the nose to lift even higher.

The legend, the fun, the Ugly: