Your noseriding product here

We're here for the love of noseriding. We welcome everyone with a noseriding theory, idea, device, fin or noserider board they wish to offer to the surfing community. There is no charge to post your ideas or your inventions, even from established manufacturers of devices or noseriding surfboards. It's all about adding to everyone's enjoyment of noseriding.

We'll put your noseriding product online
So send us your information and we will feature it on these pages, including photographs. You write it up. You photograph it. You send it in. We run it. Everyone shares in it. Simple.

Send us electronically your product story, photos and contact information. The money and inquiries go directly to where you specify in the contact information. E-mail us your "ready-to-go" information and "ready-to-go" .jpg photo files at 72 dpi. Send to:

alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! -- Bob Howard,

The fine print
As long as we're having fun, it's cool. If you send things ready to go, it's free.